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  • Shadi Khoja

What drives failure rates?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Managing Mega Technology Programs: Ep.2

That is a very convtraversal question. In fact, if we asked 100 technology leaders, chances are we will get almost as different answers.

In many ways, they are all right, & this reflects an overriding reality of large technology-implementation programs: they are extremely complex.

While that shouldn’t come as a big surprise, technology leaders continually underestimate the extent and depth of that complexity.

Subsequently, they tend to think that by employing a handful of simple fixes or by finding the right systems integrator, the vast majority of their large-program problems can be solved.

In reality, that increases the failure rates even more. Technology leaders need to acknowledge this complexity.

In practice, that means driving superior execution across ten domains. Each of these domains is a significant topic with its own merits and requiring cross-functional skills & capabilities for effective execution.

In the following episodes, we will see how to balance these ten domains for more successful technology programs implementation.

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