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  • Shadi Khoja

Step 3: Define a set of projects

How to Convert Your City into Smart City

Once a city has identified a set of Smart City objectives, it should develop project briefs that target one or more of the objectives. This can be done through an in-depth exploration of how it can achieve each objective.

In terms of defining Smart City projects, the key question is how they can achieve a specific objective. For instance, if “reduce total electricity consumption by 10% by 2030” has been defined as a Smart City objective, the city must identify electricity consumption sources and patterns. Once an in-depth analysis has been completed, the city can consider what projects can be implemented to reduce that consumption.

Another example could be to “reduce total yearly traffic congestion time” by a specific number of hours. The city would have to analyze what the causes of traffic congestion are, and how they might be mitigated or resolved. Identifying Smart City projects that reduce traffic congestion would be the end result.

The idea is that for each general objective, there should be an analysis of which digital technologies are most suitable. Each technological solution will then be a Smart City project on its own.

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