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  • Shadi Khoja

Mr. I have it all figured out.

Managing Mega Technology Programs: Ep.3

As we have seen, the 10 domains are extremely interconnected. The challenge is how to balance this tremendous complexity of the program against the practical need to make progress.

Hitting that balance successfully requires organizations to prioritize success factors (5) for each of the ten domains & to develop large-program management capabilities accordingly.

Traditional project management is simply not up to the complexities of managing a large number of interdependent workstreams. Traditionally, a sequential & precise timeline of actions from project start to finish should be developed & to be managed rigorously.

For large, complex programs, this quickly becomes an impossible task, & the amount of work & rework needed to create this level of detail is not worth the effort.

While big programs still need integrated schedules, they should not pretend to have it all worked out up front.

Because of the interplay & dependence across domains (the architecture depends on the sourcing strategy, & vice versa), the complexity can be effectively managed only by working through the domains iteratively & in parallel.

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