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  • Shadi Khoja

How to Convert Your City into Smart City

Making cities ‘smarter’ is a hot topic. Using data and advances in technology cities are analyzing and tackling the challenges of modern urban life.

Smart cities are taking on issues like healthcare, traffic flows, parking, pollution, environmental improvement and even urban heat generation.

Data from sensors and public records are only just beginning to be exploited - ‘big data’ and smart civic-analytics for cities is just around the corner, with many city managers believing we’re on the cusp of a major transformation.

But our research has also revealed a widespread lack of understanding among stakeholders as to how cities can transform themselves.

Interviews with city leaders, department officials and companies providing Smart City products and services indicate that there is no shared understanding of how to embark on a Smart City journey, and little common vocabulary or standardized methodology for planning and execution.

In this series we will be looking at the six steps process to convert any city into a smart one.

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