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  • Shadi Khoja

Agile Methods

Managing Mega Technology Programs: Ep.4 Working across 10 domains at the same time is not easy, however, implementing these 6 actions increases the success rates significantly. The first action is to select agile methods. Enterprises are still resistant to using agile for large programs. Product ownership, prioritized product backlog, small cross-functional teams, iterative releases, time-boxed sprints, modular architecture, OKRs to manage value capture, & a commitment to a minimal viable product (MVP) & iterative releases are all results of Agile. In addition to the willingness to respond to change, test & learn, & collaborate. One large organization started a claims-system modernization program by using the standard waterfall method. After spending $200 million, the program was only a quarter of the way and offered a frustrating user experience & full of defects. The organization made the difficult decision to start over using an agile approach. The results represented a stunning turnaround for the program, improving delivery velocity & productivity more than threefold, with a massively improved user experience & a first release in months rather than years.

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