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We accompany you through all the stages of your city digital transformation journey.

Ainnov8 provides a comprehensive Smart City advisory services to ensure that the highest level of quality is delivered. Not only on the planning side but also during the Implementation and execution phases. 

Smart City Consultancy & Advisory

Smart City Digital Maturity Assessment

We can assist you in identifying the Digital Maturity Level of your city as a very initial step. We have an internationally recognized methodology to support you to understand the position of your city among other Smart Cities around the world and craft your customized Smart City Vision.

Smart City Strategy & Roadmap

A1innov8 will support to craft the high-level City-Wide Digital Strategy. We will guide you to recognize the high-priority focus points where actions can have the largest positive impact on the city and its residents for short and long terms.

Smart City Implementation Plan

Implementing Smart City services can be very confusing, we can help you by building the full Smart City Program and Roadmap (span over 3 to 5 years). This will include the dimensions to be focused on, the services to be implemented, the timeline, the impact on the city and on residents' lives and the integration with other elements of the city as well.

Smart City
Development & Execution

Smart City Program Management

One of the most critical aspect of the converting your city to a Smart City is the implementation phase. We have seen many projects fail or put on-hold during this phase due to poor planning, budget overrun and many other reasons. A1innov8 can lead this phase for your city and ensure timely and within-budget project delivery.

Smart City Creation

Having built more than 40 Smart Cites in various scales around the world, A1innov8 will create your future Smart City with certified partners and industry leaders to achieve your goals successfully with shortest possible time.

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